Cordova Pools company offers custom pools in every shape, size and depth imaginable, with luxurious but affordable add-ons such as decorative concrete toppings.

Our company have over 20 years combined experiencies. We also has the largest fleet of equipment to insure time is not lost waiting for subcontractors.

Cordova Pools is a creation designed to be part of well-integrated living environment. We go to great lengths to combine quality with the functional and a esthetic considerations of the home and landscape.

We use only the finest building materials and the most advanced construction techniques, combined with experienced worksmanship, you can have the look of a vacation resort-right in your own backyard ! We have the experience to build your vision.

Our staff of professionals will be happy to discuss a Cordova Pools that fits your needs, desires and budget. To get started contact us today!

Planing and Design
1. Layout
2. Excavation
3. Steel
4. Steel re-inforced concrete
5. Coping and Tiling
6. Plumbing
7. Decking
8. Interior Finish (Plastering)